• Moment of Silence followed by the Responsibility Declaration
  • Minutes ~ from October 19st Meeting ~ Minutes read by Stephanie T.- minutes accepted 45 in favor 0 opposed 1 abstain
  • Traditions ~ read by Michele from Smithtown Group
  • A.A. Anniversaries ~ 4
  • Introduction of new GSR’s ,DCM’s and Alternates ~ 3
  • Volunteers for clean-up ~ Alex, Tom Matt Pete Kathy Develyn Kevin
  • Volunteers for October Greeters ~ Nicole, Matt
  • Opened at 8:00 pm, 77 in attendance

Officer’s Reports

DCMC ~ Rob M.

  • See agenda for details


Alt. DCMC ~ Jarrett

  • have reports available from SENY Committee Meeting
  • 2013 budget proposal has unbalanced budget for 2012.


Treasurer ~ Susan

  • Treasurer’s report accepted 34 opposed 0 abstain 1
  • copies of 2013 budget, please bring back to groups
  • Treasurer budget on current report is $100 , but states $200 on 2013 budget sheet in 2012 column.
  • 2013 budget proposal has unbalanced budget for 2012.

Registrar ~ Tom NA

Group Inventory

  1. districts can’t get enough done in 10 min, suggest they meet separately to serve their districts. try not to compete events with other events going on
  2. still excited to be here.
  3. been impressed with the way the meeting are run and the knowledge of people who lead them
  4. this body has done a great job. went to first assembly last Saturday, why doesn’t everyone come? happy to participate
  5. genuine partnership between GSR and SIA in other parts of the country, we need to work on that here. Need to have centrally located meetings, this location is a damper on attendance
  6. agree 10 min is not enough to have a district meeting, should change going forward. the group has done a turnaround last 6 months to year, great changes
  7. first GSR in my group, love it. helps my sobriety
  8. glad to see we run the meeting well
  9. there are a lot of things we do that intergroup does but there shouldn’t be duplication. we could spend on one thing, they could spend on another
  10. high turnover, having DCMC can get complicated the DCM role. could be frustrating to come to meetings and not see a lot get done. we can always improve
  11. with a group that never had a GSR, can’t wait to go back to the group and give this info to them
  12. turnover is excessive
  13. progress not perfection, we have made progress since our last inventory. moving in the right direction
  14. fairly new, little confusing. see turnover. does seem like we repeat a lot of things with SIA, why does that happen?
  15. I thought I was coming to carry the message but it was more reports, I learned that carrying the message is in the committees. the message is not being carried strongly in Suffolk because it is so big. get group expectations for GSR’s up.
  16. certain table seems to be more full than others, my table has different people every time. what are other tables doing to keep people?
  17. need more participation here. seen some great strides in getting information out, lot of work put into this meeting. would like to see more participation at committee level, everyone should be on a committee. same procedure that delegates use for committee, assigned one at first then pick your own. like to see us do more events.
  18. being involved in committees is where it is at. there are better ways to get participation up, maybe a real plan is in order to increase interest at the group level
  19. a lot happens here, now that I’ve learned a bit I’m leaving. we also have low participation in our district. the location is inconvenient.
  20. first time my group has a GSR. productive home group but not a lot of participation.
  21. my first meeting, wondering what I got into.
  22. agree with change of location. I don’t see a lot of diversity in the group, haven’t seen a lot of minorities
  23. I see why it takes a while to understand what is going on. I think our purpose gets lost
  24. we participate and have things going on, things have changed around here. the web committee and new website will be helpful because it will list committees and when they will meet. a lot of times we don’t know what is going on unless it is brought to our attention here. there is a lot of turnover, people were turned off by arguing
  25. outline the commitments better for GSR’s, maybe make the material more attractive by doing workshops. having better communication and organization of things going on in advance. I figured out how this worked by getting involved.
  26. SIA and GSR should work together. SIA meets in Ronkonkoma and Riverhead, this location could be difficult to western Suffolk. I don’t know what committees are available.
  27. I think the meetings are run very well, very often there are time constraints. we are told limited people can comment on issues we are discussing meanwhile we waste time in the beginning with traditions, concepts, anniversaries etc
  28. need ot reach out to districts that don’t send a rep, tell them that they don’t have a voice in AA if they are not here
  29. last time we did an inventory we postponed going over it, we wasted a lot of time. I have seen committees fill up since last inventory
  30. if we could make a flyer to hand to dark meetings so they can know that there is more to AA. there is no deep interest in saving AA
  31. there is competition between GSR and SIA at group. we need an orientation that includes positive things to bring back to group to get them excited.
  32. we haven’t had a loving and caring tone that would encourage a GSR, I’m hoping we can encourage that in the next two years. what the GSR does here is very different from what goes on at SIA. hopefully we can work on more respect for the GSR. time management needs to be managed better, old business and new business should be primary. we should encourage people lovingly to attend assemblies
  33. we should try to get people to go to assemblies. having more workshops might help people understand. changing location might help attendance
  34. if this was a bar people wouldn’t have trouble getting here. GSR’s need to understand what the commitment is about, it is the assemblies.
  35. have seen an incredible change in the last year. looking forward to more work with in the districts. like to see more interaction between districts and committee chairs.
  36. I think the county is doing a good job offering a bus to get to an assembly, great encouragement. if more people went to assemblies we could use the time here for the districts.
  37. I hear that people don’t like the GSR commitment. there have been times I have not felt God in this room.
  38. there is an attitude of apathy toward this commitment. it’s my job to help this keep going, I GET to come here. This is as central as we can get.
  39. I enjoy coming out here and bringing info back to my group. I see a lot of turnover in commitments. I look forward to finishing my commitment.
  40. overlap in the Grapevine commitment with SIA and GSR. the time at beginning of meeting is not well spent. usually takes and hour to start talking about business.
  41. still enjoy commitment but joy has gone down. we can’t seem to let go of certain things and move on from our last inventory. why do we go over the same things again and again.
  42. this inventory is a lot more positive. some dark districts are sending in money so they are participating even though they don’t come.
  43. revamp format of meeting so we can focus on district meetings, old and new business. all committee updates be put on agenda instead of individual reports.


Susan D.-amend column C 2012 budget missing a line for grapevine subscriptions of $600.


Motion to close

Close with the Serenity Prayer