Minutes ~ Suffolk General Service Meeting ~September 20th, 2013


  • Moment of  Silence followed by the Responsibility Declaration
  • Traditions read by: John (Hauppauge Touchstones Group)
  • A.A. Anniversaries ~ 10
  • Introduction of new GSR’s ,DCM’s and Alternates ~ 8
  • Volunteers for clean-up ~ David, Jim, and Ben
  • Volunteers for August Greeters ~ John and Kerri
  • Opened at 8:00 pm, 88  in attendance


Officer’s Reports

DCMC ~ Jarrett D.

  • Please make sure to pass Box 459 (subscribe on aaseny.org for free) and LINK out at your homegroup
  • Next Committee meeting is October 7th, 2013
  • Please be sure to obtain Service Handbook in order to better inform and properly educate self about service responsibilities
  • Meeting space will not be available the third week of October 2013. Next month’s meeting will be held October 11th
  • Will update General Service location on meeting list


Alt. DCMC ~ Matt F.

  • No report


Treasurer ~ George R. N/A

  • See Report


Registrar ~ Mike R.

  • New GSR’s please complete new reg. form. Looking for volunteer to help with duties.
  • Responsibilities of the registrar will be updated over next several months to eliminate redundancy and redefine commitment for future officers.


Concept Speaker ~ Geoff (Concept 9)

District meetings – 10 min-Please elect a DCM, Alternate, and or secretary if any are available & understand the commitment

If you don’t have a DCM, please read pgs. 18-19 of the SENY Handbook


Standing Committee Reports:


Archives- Bob R. – NR

Big Meeting- SIA is hosting this year.

Corrections- Troy W. – There is a big need for corrections correspondence. Please see Troy for pamphlet. Bridging the Gap will be collaborating with SIA to extend reach of service.  Forms and personal information will not be provided directly to treatment facilities.

CPC – Joanne F.- NR

Grapevine- Kathy- NR

Group Conscience- Dean J.- If anyone is interested in getting involved please see me. Next meeting is 7-16 at 7pm in Mt. Sinai

LiteratureEddie W. – NR

LICYPAA Liaison- Izzy R.-Campout at Wildwood was hugely successful. Book drive still on going and picking up speed. They are requesting for gently used Big Books and other literature. If you would like to donate books, please bring to SIA office or to SGS meeting. Empire State Convention of Young People in AA (ESCYPAA) LIACYPAA is bidding to host convention for Summer or Fall of 2014.

LI Spirituality Through Service (LISTS) – Jim S.-. LISTS Event will be in October 2013. Date remains undetermined due to conflict with Sharathon

Public Information- Tom October 26th; there will be a workshop to speak at schools and with professional communities. October 20th PI/CPC meeting at SIA office at 12pm orientation and 1pm meeting. Next PI meeting will be at SIA at 7pm (always 3 Tuesday of the month)

        Service Participation- Vacant

Service Sponsorship – Geoff C.-Anyone who needs a service sponsor or would like to be a service sponsor please see or contact


Share A thon liaison- Chrissy H.- Share-a-thon will be held at St. Joseph’s college October 13th 9am-4:30pm. Need moderators (to introduce speaker and keep order in meeting) for two shifts. Please see Chrissy after meeting.

Special Needs – Michele E –NR

Suffolk Intergroup LiaisonEd –NR 

Treatment Bridging the Gap- Vacant

Web Committee- John- Go to website for information, such as Post Conference assembly info. The Suffolk homepage is now “living and breathing” Will have plan for the money allotted for website at next meeting. Next website workshop September 29th at SIA office at 10am-4pm.

Ad hoc Guidelines Committee for the unity Breakfast- Tom

Unity Breakfast Committee- Rick B.-Date of the event will be March 2nd, and price lock remains the same as in previous year $22 per ticket. Meeting will be held at SIA office Monday August 5th at 7:30. Rick is looking into improving the sounds system.

Old Business:

Prudent Reserve- to change it to a % of 6 months- Tabled

Prudent reserve motion will be tabled until further notice.


New business:

No new business


Motion to close at 9:18pm