Minutes ~ Suffolk General Service Meeting ~January 17th, 2014


  • Moment of  Silence followed by the Responsibility Declaration
  • Traditions read by: Richie (Longwood Love and Service)
  • A.A. Anniversaries ~ 6
  • Introduction of new GSR’s ,DCM’s and Alternates ~ 12
  • Volunteers for clean-up ~ Kevin, Mike, Lonny
  • Volunteers for November Greeters ~ Howard and Lonny
  • Opened at 8:00 pm,  in attendance 98


Officer’s Reports

DCMC ~ Jarrett D.

  • Please make sure to pass Box 459 (subscribe on aaseny.org for free) and LINK out at your homegroup
  • Please be sure to obtain Service Handbook in order to better inform and properly educate self about service responsibilities
  • Our next meeting is February 21st 2014.
  • Suffolk GS to host Area 49 Assembly January 25th at True North Community Church in Bohemia. All who wish to help out with event please contact me. It is suggested to the body to purchase liability insurance for this event.
  • 2014 SENY Convention March 21st-23rd Westchester Marriot hotel 670 White Plains road Tarrytown NY. $125 per room fits up to 4 people. Averages $70 a person for weekend including tax.

Alt. DCMC ~ Matt F.

  • Attended SENY Committee Meeting.
  • Available for traditions meetings and group inventories.
  • Next SENY Committee meeting to be held March 3rd 2014
  • 75th Anniversary edition of the Big Book preorder forms are available in the LINK and on the website.
  • Has been working with LICYPAA but has to step down as “Events chair” due to scheduling conflicts.


Treasurer ~ George R. N/A

  • See Report
  • Entered proposed budget for 2014.  See handout
  • Motion to accept budget: 71 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstention  Budget carries


Registrar ~ Vacant


Concept Speaker ~ Sal G (Concept 1)

District meetings – 10 min-Please elect a DCM, Alternate, and or secretary if any are available & understand the commitment

If you don’t have a DCM, please read pgs. 18-19 of the SENY Handbook


Standing Committee Reports:


Archives- Bob R. – NR

Big Meeting- TBD

Corrections- Troy W. – There is a big need for corrections correspondence. Please see Troy for pamphlet. Bridging the Gap will be collaborating with SIA to extend reach of service.  Forms and personal information will not be provided directly to treatment facilities.

CPC – Joanne F.- The committee has been studying the guidelines from SENY working with the professionals. The committee has been striving to educate Dr.s and hospitals about “what AA does and does not do. What AA is and is not.” It’s highly recommended that if you plan to do a presentation to have experience in the traditions and at least two years sobriety. Theme of next event; “Carrying the message: I heard it through the Grapevine”

Grapevine- Kathy- The grapevine needs money for pocket calendars, Traditions checklists, etc. Anyone interested in helping out committee are welcome.

Group Conscience- Dean J. – If anyone is interested in getting involved please see me. Next meeting is 7-16 at 7pm in Mt. Sinai

LiteratureEddie W. – NR

LICYPAA Liaison- Izzy R.-LICYPAA did not win the bid for the 2014 Empire state convention, but a committee has been form in order to better prepare for next year’s bid.  LICYPAA is having an ongoing book drive for gently used literature and pamphlets. January 10th at True North there will be a Young People’s movie night as well as talk of filming a Young People’s video in English and Spanish. Movie night will be January 31st from 8-12:30am at True North Community Church in Bohemia.

LI Spirituality Through Service (LISTS) – Jim S.-. LISTS Event will be in October 2013. Date remains undetermined due to conflict with ShareAthon

Public Information- Tom CPC/PI meeting rescheduled to January 28th  at 7pm at the SIA office.  February 6th anyone interested in observing the Dr’s program in Manhattan. Contact Tom or Joanne for more information.

        Service Participation- Vacant

Service Sponsorship – Geoff C.-Anyone who needs a service sponsor or would like to be a service sponsor please see or contact


Share A thon liaison-TBD-.

Special Needs – Michele E – January 18th “You’re never too young for special needs” workshop from 1-3pm at True North Church. All are welcome to attend this workshop.

Suffolk Intergroup LiaisonEd –Suffolk Intergroup is having their elections next month. Anybody in GS interested in running for an intergroup position, please see Bob after the meeting.

Treatment Bridging the Gap- Vacant

Web Committee- John- Go to website for information, such as Post Conference assembly info. The budget of $2050 which was allocated to the committee has been handed out and reviewed by the body. Please see handout.

Ad hoc Guidelines Committee for the unity Breakfast- Tom – Handouts given for the guidelines for the Unity Breakfast; please refer to handout.

Unity Breakfast Committee- Rick B.-Date of the event will be March 2nd, and price lock is $23 per ticket. Rick is looking into improving the sounds system. This event will remain a CASH ONLY Event; however a GROUP CHECK in the full amount of $230 for 10 tickets will be accepted. Tickets will be on sale at February SIA meeting.

Old Business:

Prudent Reserve- to change it to a % of 6 months- Tabled

Prudent reserve motion will be tabled until further notice.


New business:

Election for Corresponding Secretary:

Anne Marie

Motion: Look into the purchase of Liability insurance for Suffolk County events. (Motion carries) 52 in favor

Motion: Donate $100 to AA world Service. Motion to table this motion until next month pending more review of past donations. (Motion carries)

Motion to close at 9:48pm