A service sponsor is an alcoholic who has made some progress in recovery and performance in service who shares this experience with another alcoholic who may be just starting the journey, or possibly with someone that has been around a while.  A good overview on service sponsorship may be found in the pamphlet, Questions and Answers on Sponsorship (P-15), pages 25-27.  There it is suggested that, “A service sponsor is usually someone who is knowledgeable in AA history and has a strong background in the service structure.”

Individuals may feel that they have more to offer in one area of service than another.  A service sponsor presents the various aspects of service to the sponsee, and assists the sponsee in making informed decision(s).  Whatever level of service one performs, all is toward the same end: the sharing the overall responsibilities of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Service Sponsorship Chair is available to help area members find a service sponsor; facilitates and coordinates GSR and DCM orientations at area assemblies; facilitates the area assembly “Buddy” Program (connecting new assembly attendees with a knowledgeable partner); coordinates DCM orientation at area committee meetings; visits counties to  attract participation in and to explain about service sponsorship; is available to attend area-wide events to share on service sponsorship, service participation, SENY and sponsorship.

Anyone who needs a service sponsor or would like to be a service sponsor please see or contact the committee chair at email address: servicesponsorship@aasuffolkgs-ny.org.