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Minutes of Suffolk General Service Meeting

Meeting date: February 19, 2016


• Moment of silence followed by the responsibility declaration

Voting procedures explained

Minutes from last month: Motioned to accept the minutes. Minutes accepted.

Traditions read by Leslie

A.A. Anniversaries 5

• Introduction of new GSRs, DCMs, and Alternates 7

Volunteers for clean-up-2 people- Doug and Broady

Volunteers for December Set up – Doug and Borady

Volunteers for December Greeters-Ronnie and Brad and Chris and Howard

Meeting opened at 8:00pm

Members in attendance: 88

Officers Reports 

DCMC Report -Geoff C.

Our next meeting Friday, March 11 at 8:00PM True North Community Church 1101 Lakeland Ave Bohemia NY 11716.

Attended SENY Area 49 Assembly February 6, 2016 Conference

The Delegates questionnaire is available. GSR are to bring that questionnaire back to their groups and get an informed group conscience.

The Delegates Day of Sharing will be on Saturday March 26th at the Pearl River Middle School 520 Gilbert Ave, Pearl River, NY 10965. Time: 9am-2pm. Bus will be picking up throughout suffolk county. All GSRs are encouraged to attend.

Beware of “AA for the troops” a group that has been coming to AA meetings and recording the meetings but this is against the traditions.

Next SENY meeting is the Pre-Conference Assembly, April 9 @ 8:30am-3:30pm. Location: Our Savior Lutheran School, 1734 Williamsbridge Road, Bronx, NY 10461. Bus will be taking GSRs from suffolk county.

Moving the next GSR meeting in March to the 2nd Friday instead of the 3rd so that we don’t interfere with the SENY convention. The meeting will be held on March 11th at 8PM. We will have 3 people here on the 3rd Friday 3/18 for those that show up to let them know. 1. Ken 2. Howard

Available for group inventories, speaking on traditions, and service sponsorship

Alt DCMC – Tom B.

Available to speak on traditions, group inventories and service sponsorship

Treasurer- Tommy C.

See treasury report. Report accepted.

Available for group inventories, speaking on traditions, and service sponsorship

Registrar/Corresponding Secretary- Lonny R.-

Available to speak on traditions, group inventories and service sponsorship

Concept II- Jane

  • Concept II: The General Service Conference of A.A. has become, for nearly every practical purpose, the active voice and the effective conscience of our whole society in its world affairs.

  • The GSR has the vote for our group, our DCMC has a vote for the county at the SENY conference.

7th Tradition basket passed

15 Minute District Break

Committee Reports

Archives – Vacant

Commitment open if anyone is interested please let chairperson know.

Bus Captain- Doug

SENY Convention bus will be picking people up and going to convention.

Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)-Kathy W.-

Corrections-Howard P.-Report-

  • SENY this year is holding a corrections connection workshop. Friday May 13th 9:00am-3:00pm up in Sing Sing Correctional Facility. SENY is getting together with the NYS corrections. SENY will be letting them know what we do. Learn how to help bring a meeting into NYS prison. Learn how to help make AA literature available. Learn how best to correspond with inmates reaching out for help. More information on the website:

  • Anyone who wants to volunteer for bridging the gap contact Howard.

Group Conscience- Vacant-NR

Ad Hoc Liability Insurance-Howard P.-NR

LICYPAA Liaison- Mercedes B.– (Chris gave report)

  • March 12th Keeping it Green Dance at Massapequa Reformed Church. Meeting 5:45-6:45. Dance 7:15-11:30

Meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 8:15 at South Oaks in Amityville

Literature-Chris C.– NR

GrapeVine- Chrissy –

Grapevines are available for sale, see Chrissy at the table.

Suffolk Intergroup Association (SIA) Liaison- Eddie W.-

Bob the Archives Chair is looking for people with 30+ years of sobriety to sign a big book. He will be at the Unity Breakfast.

Grapevine Chair: Sales are up

Looking for the chair of the share-a-thon

To keep your group name on the meeting list you have to fill out the form on the website

Unity Breakfast Chair- Tommy

Sunday March 6, 2016 Time: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

  • Tickets will be sold for $25 tonight at GSR meeting cash or group checks (with groups name on the check) only will be accepted at GSR meetings. You can buy any amount of tickets you want. You don’t have to be a GSR to purchase tickets.

  • Looking for volunteers for the Unity Breakfast. Looking for help setting up possibly the night before or the morning of. Contact Mike K.

  • Whoever needs a service table at the breakfast see Chris.

  • Willing to travel to bring tickets to you

Web Committee- Dave G.- NR

  • There is a link to the SENY website now on the website

  • Any questions email Dave G.

Public Information (PI)-Jim-

Service Participation-Richie N.-NR

Treatment Facilities (Bridging the Gap)- Rich F.- NR

Service Sponsorship-VACANT-NR-Please contact Matt F. (DCMC) if you or someone you know wishes to help to fill this commitment.

Special Needs-Josh P_NR-


Event Spirituality through Service at True North Community Church, Saturday Oct. 15th 10am-2pm. Spread the word at your meetings. See Jim if you would like to do service at the event.

Old Business

New Business

Motion to close

• Meeting closed at 9:33 p.m. with a moment of silence followed by the Lords Prayer.