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Minutes of Suffolk General Service Meeting

Meeting date:May 20, 2016



  • Moment of silence followed by the responsibility declaration
  • Voting procedures explained
  • Minutes from last month: Motioned to accept the minutes. Minutes accepted.
  • Traditions read by Geoff
  • A.A. Anniversaries
  • Introduction of new GSR’s, DCM’s, and Alternates: 8
  • Volunteers for clean-up-2 people-  Austin and Brian and Jim and Brian
  • Volunteers for June Greeters-Howard and Priscilla
  • Meeting opened at 8:00pm
  • Members in attendance:


Officers Reports

DCMC Report -Geoff C.

  • Our next meeting Friday, June 16, at 8:00PM True North Community Church 1101 Lakeland Ave Bohemia NY 11716.
  • Delegates report on conference: Plain Language Big Book did not come out of committee, Updates of Young Peoples and Traditions pamphlet approved, Special needs change (See new Link).
  • SENY hosting NERD 2017 and NERF 2019.
  • Registrar reports that Air Table updates available to DCMs and there is a link to change form on the SENY website, SENY registrar can be contacted by email, phone, or mail.
  • Our Registrar/ Corresponding Secretary Lonny R. has stepped down. We will be electing a new one at our next meeting. Suggested guidelines for that commitment available in the SENY service manual.
  • Next Assembly (Post Conference Assembly) June 11th at The Salk School of Science 320 E 20th Street NY, NY 10003. Please watch our website for the bus schedule.
  • Available for group inventories, speaking on traditions, and service sponsorship


Alt DCMC – Tom B.

  • Did some group inventories this May and it was very beneficial. Encouraging all groups to consider group inventories.
  • Attended service workshop
  • SENY website, The AA Group pamphlet, and the AA Service Handbook (blue book) are great resources to utilize
  • Available to speak on traditions, group inventories and service sponsorship


Treasurer- Tommy C.

  • See treasury report.  Motion to accept the minutes. Treasurer report accepted.
  • Available for group inventories, speaking on traditions, and service sponsorship


Registrar/Corresponding Secretary-


Concept IV- Speaker: Tom B.

  • Concept V- Throughout our world service structure, a traditional “Right of Appeal” ought to prevail, thus assuring us that minority opinion will be heard and that petitions for the redress of personal grievances will be carefully considered.


7th Tradition basket passed

15 Minute District Break


Committee Reports


Archives – Vacant

  • Commitment open if anyone is interested please let chairperson know.


Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)-Kathy W.-

  • Speaker training event: how to speak at non-AA events (schools, hospitals) June 18th at True North Community Church 9am-1pm. If anyone is available to help setup that would be appreciated!
  • Looking for someone to take the Public Information (PI) Chair, see Geoff if interested.


Corrections-Howard P.-Report-

  • Went to corrections workshop
  • Corrections correspondence: writing letters to inmates


Group Conscience- Vacant-NR



LICYPAA Liaison- Mercedes B.- (Geoff gave report)

  • org Pre-Reg for convention!!!
  • Meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 8:15 at South Oaks in Amityville


Literature-Chris C.-


GrapeVine- Chrissy –

  • Grapevines are available for sale, see Chrissy at the table.


Suffolk Intergroup Association (SIA) Liaison- Eddie W.-

  • Looking for volunteers to help out on the 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • Pat the Special Events Chair is hosting an event on June 18th: Ducks Baseball Game
  • Speaker Exchange: Trying to set up an online speaker exchange and they are trying to set up 3 locations throughout Suffolk so people don’t have to travel so far.
  • To keep your group name on the meeting list you have to fill out the form on the website


Unity Breakfast Chair-


Web Committee- Dave G.-

  • There was a vote that took place about using gmail vs. the email we use now, and the vote was in favor or keeping the email we use now.
  • Any questions email Dave G.


Public Information (PI)-VACANT- Please contact Geoff (DCMC) if you or someone you know wishes to help to fill this commitment.


Service Participation-Richie N.-NR


Treatment Facilities (Bridging the Gap)- Rich F.- NR


Service Sponsorship-VACANT-NR-Please contact Geoff (DCMC) if you or someone you know wishes to help to fill this commitment.


Special Needs-Josh P-

  • Special needs share a day June 26th at IS5 in Elmhurst Queens Time: 10-3 Lunch will be served.


LISTS (Long Island Spirituality Through Service) Chair- Jim S.

  • Meets the 2nd Tuesday at SIA office at 8pm
  • Event Spirituality through Service at True North Community Church, Saturday Oct. 15th 10am-4pm. Spread the word at your meetings. See Jim or Kathy if you would like to do service at the event.


Big Meeting Chair: Richie

  • Committee will meet June 5th at 11:00am at the SIA office


Old Business

New Business

  • Mike made motion to change the bus schedule from 6:45am to 7:45am. Motion 2nd.

Discussion. In Favor: 11     Opposed: 21   Abstentions: 8             Motion does not pass.


Motion to close

  • Meeting closed at 9:43 p.m. with a moment of silence followed by the Lords Prayer.May 2016 SGS Minutes