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Minutes of Suffolk General Service Meeting

Meeting date: June 16, 2016



  • Moment of silence followed by the responsibility declaration
  • Voting procedures explained
  • Minutes from last month: Motioned to accept the minutes. Minutes accepted.
  • Traditions read by Liz
  • A.A. Anniversaries: 7
  • Introduction of new GSR’s, DCM’s, and Alternates 6
  • Volunteers for clean-up-2 people- Jane Erik, Doug, Brian, Bryan
  • Garrett will take committment for remainder of the year.
  • Meeting opened at 8:00pm
  • Members in attendance:


Officers Reports


DCMC Report -Geoff C.

  • New SENY Chair was elected
  • County elections in October
  • 9/11/16 SENY elections
  • There are great opportunities for service within the county.
  • Group inventory in November.


Alt DCMC – Tom B.

  • Literature Pamphlets –
  • Service handbook and bylaws for SENY
  • page 14: What is the role of the GSR in ther service structure?
  • What is my group isn’t interested in General Service?

Treasurer- Tommy C.

  • See handout
  • Motion to accept – 53 in favor
  • 1 abstention

Registrar/Corresponding Secretary- Jane E.

  • There is a new sign in procedure


Concept VI- Chrissy

“on behalf of AA as a whole, our general Service Conference has the principle responsibility..


7th Tradition basket passed

15 Minute District Break


Rob M.

Election for new registrar;

See handout for description


59 in favor

3 abstentions


Committee Reports


Archives-Bob R. –

  • Commitment open if anyone is interested please let chairperson know.


Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)-Howard

  • Last month they had a speaker training event and it was very successful and informative

Corrections-Howard P.-Report-

  • SENY Assembly; corrections workshop; list of people that Troy put together in contact for “Pre-releases” if people are being
  • relaesed from prison Howard will be made aware and will put person in contact eith a sober network.
  • If anyone has any information regarding this please contact Howard.
  • Would like one person of each Gender from each district to volunteer.
  • Is there any literature? Yes, Howard can provide via email


Group Conscience- Vacant-NR


Ad Hoc Liability Insurance-Howard P.-NR



LICYPAA Liaison- Mercedes B. – for convention details.

Literature-Chris C. – NR



GrapeVine- Chrissy –

Chrissy elected new Grapevine Rep starting January 2016.


Suffolk Intergroup Association (SIA) Liaison- Eddie W.-

  • Jean Marie is chair for Share a thon. “There is a solution”
  • Groups need to submit topics
  • Alt chair still working on online speaker exchange. 2 in person and one online
  • Patrick from Special needs is organizing a Ducks game

Hotline has 15/16 zones covered


Richie – Big Meeting

  • Theme: Steps, Traditions and Concepts are our way of life
  • Next meeting: see flyer
  • All are suggested to come and join committee


Bob – Alanon Liason

  • July 8-10 2016 in Rye NY see Suffolk Alanon Website


Web Committee- Dave G.- NR

  • Any questions email Dave G.


Public Information (PI)-Jim-NR



Service Participation-Richie N.-NR


Treatment Facilities (Bridging the Gap)- Rich F.- NR


Service Sponsorship-VACANT-NR-Please contact Matt F. (DCMC) if you or someone you know wishes to help to fill this commitment.


Special Needs-Josh P_NR-



Josh – Special Needs

Upcoming event – Shar A Day in Elmhurst NY


Old Business



New Business



Motion to close

  • Meeting closed at 9:48 p.m. with a moment of silence followed by the Lord’s Prayer.