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Minutes of Suffolk General Service Meeting

Meeting date: July 15, 2016



  • Moment of silence followed by the responsibility declaration
  • Voting procedures explained
  • Minutes from last month: Motioned to accept the minutes. Minutes accepted.
  • Traditions read by Liz
  • A.A. Anniversaries 4
  • Introduction of new GSR’s, DCM’s, and Alternates 10
  • Volunteers for clean-up-2 people- Jane Erik, Doug, Brian, Bryan
  • Garrett will take committment for remainder of the year.
  • Meeting opened at 8:00pm
  • Members in attendance:


Officers Reports


DCMC Report -Geoff C.

  • Our next meeting Friday, August 19th at 8:00PM True North Community Church 1101 Lakeland Ave Bohemia NY 11716. New GSR Orientation at 7:30 will continue to be every third Friday of the month.
  • Summer has been quiet
  • website
  • SENY Convention planning meeting tomorrow 7/16/16
  • Next SENY Assembly 9/17/16 Area Elections will be held then


Alt DCMC – Tom B.

  • Available to speak on traditions, group inventories and service sponsorship
  •  Literature Pamphlets –

Service handbook and bylaws for SENY

  • page 14: What is the role of the GSR in ther service structure?
  • What is my group isn’t interested in General Service?
  • At Service participation meetion last night, Rick our current SENY chair will not be standing. Several open commitments
  • Monday in West Hempstead; Concepts workshop. Please see Tom after for additional information


Treasurer- Tommy C.

  • See treasury report.  Report accepted.
  • Available for group inventories, speaking on traditions, and service sponsorship


Registrar/Corresponding Secretary- Jane E.

  • There is a new sign in procedure


Concept VII- Kathy

  • The conference recognizes that the charter and the Bylaws of the General Service Board are legal instruments:

That the Trustees are thereby fully empowered to manage and conduct all of the world service affairs of AA. It is further

understood that the Conference Charter itself the force of tradition and the power of the AA purse for its final effectiveness


7th Tradition basket passed

15 Minute District Break


Fred: Area 49 Registrar

Review and discuss the concepts

Air Table logistics and procedures


Rob M.

Election for new registrar;

See handout for description


59 in favor

3 abstentions


Committee Reports


Archives-Bob R. –

  • Commitment open if anyone is interested please let chairperson know.


Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)-Howard

  • Last month they had a speaker training event and it was very successful and informative

Corrections-Howard P.-Report-

  • SENY Assembly; corrections workshop; list of people that Troy put together in contact for “Pre-releases” if people are being
  • relaesed from prison Howard will be made aware and will put person in contact eith a sober network.
  • If anyone has any information regarding this please contact Howard.
  • Would like one person of each Gender from each district to volunteer.
  • Is there any literature? Yes, Howard can provide via email


Group Conscience- Vacant-NR


Ad Hoc Liability Insurance-Howard P.-NR



LICYPAA Liaison- Mercedes B. – for convention details.

Literature-Chris C. – NR



GrapeVine- Chrissy –

Chrissy elected new Grapevine Rep starting January 2016.


Suffolk Intergroup Association (SIA) Liaison- Eddie W.-

  • Jean Marie is chair for Share a thon. “There is a solution”
  • Groups need to submit topics
  • Alt chair still working on online speaker exchange. 2 in person and one online
  • Patrick from Special needs is organizing a Ducks game

Hotline has 15/16 zones covered


Richie – Big Meeting

  • Theme: Steps, Traditions and Concepts are our way of life
  • Next meeting: see flyer
  • All are suggested to come and join committee


Bob – Alanon Liason

  • July 8-10 2016 in Rye NY see Suffolk Alanon Website


Web Committee- Dave G.- NR

  • Any questions email Dave G.


Public Information (PI)-Jim-NR



Service Participation-Richie N.-NR


Treatment Facilities (Bridging the Gap)- Rich F.- NR


Service Sponsorship-VACANT-NR-Please contact Matt F. (DCMC) if you or someone you know wishes to help to fill this commitment.


Special Needs-Josh P_NR-



Josh – Special Needs

Upcoming event – Shar A Day in Elmhurst NY


Old Business



New Business



Motion to close

  • Meeting closed at 9:48 p.m. with a moment of silence followed by the Lord’s Prayer.