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Minutes of Suffolk General Service Meeting

Meeting date: September 16, 2016



  • Moment of silence followed by the responsibility declaration
  • Voting procedures explained
  • Minutes from last month: Motioned to accept the minutes.  Minutes accepted.
  • Traditions read by Jerry
  • A.A. Anniversaries
  • Introduction of new GSR’s, DCM’s, and Alternates: 4
  • Volunteers for clean-up-2 people- Doug and Brian and Michelle
  • Meeting opened at 8:00pm
  • Members in attendance: 71


Officers Reports 


DCMC Report -Geoff

  • Our next meeting Friday, October 21st at 8:00PM True North Community Church 1101 Lakeland Ave Bohemia NY 11716. New GSR Orientation at 7:30 will continue to be every third Friday of the month.
  • Next SENY Assembly 9/17/16 at 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM Cross Hill Academy 160 Bolmer Ave, Yonkers NY.  Bus information is on our website. Area Elections will be held then.
  • October 16 Shareathon: We have been asked to have three workshops and a SGS table. We need at least 3 people for each workshop (A moderator and two speakers). The topics are The Three Legacies our 36 principals, The Traditions in action (Practicing the principals) General Service and the home group. We will also need volunteers to man a table for the Shareathon.
  • Unity Breakfast chair candidate will be introduced tonight.  The Eastwind has assured me that the first two Sundays are available (Penciled us in) And will send us a letter assuring that pricing and what would be available to us will not change from the previous year.
  • Group inventory and elections will be held at the GSR meeting on Friday October 21, 2016. All positions are open. If you are interested please raise your hand.
  • We will be hosting the November SENY Assembly here on Long Island and would like a Volunteer to head that up and we’ll also need people to help out with set up, serving, cleanup, etc. Had contact with True North, and am waiting to sign with True North, and I have a back up plan in the event True North doesn’t work out.
  • October 15th is LISTS. The LISTS person will be asking people to speak and if you are interested in speaking please see the LISTS chair.



Alt DCMC – Tom B.

  • October 8th we have the Big Meeting. Learn about the the Third Legacy.
  • SENY Convention March 24-26 2017. See SENY website for details and new venue information
  • Available to speak on traditions, group inventories and service sponsorship


Treasurer- Tommy C.

  • See treasury report. July Report accepted. August Report accepted.
  • Available for group inventories, speaking on traditions, and service sponsorship


Registrar/Corresponding Secretary- Jane E.


  • I am a grateful alcoholic, and my name is Jane Ehrich. Tonight there are 38 GSR’s, 5 AGSR’s, 11 ADCM’s, 4 DCM’s, 7 Committee Chairs, 5 Officers, 1 Recording Secretary who signed in. I have not announced attendance before, and I thank you for your patience while we implemented Airtable and I will report it from now on. It should always be done by the Registrar of a Service Body. Why do we do this? For several reasons, but the two that come immediately to mind is 1) for historical/archival purposes. (We are in the process of continuing writing down the group conscience of Suffolk so we have something written down to refer to when questions come up.) 2) For voting and election reasons. We have the Area Elections tomorrow, and the County elections next month here. Please consider if you are available to stand and serve the County.
  • Just an FYI: I collect Postal Mail addresses from GSR’s, their alternates, and DCM’s, and the DCMC. This is because General Service in NY uses postal mail for correspondence. Your Group PO mailbox is preferred to a home address for the GSR’s and alternates. The DCM’s in Suffolk do not have a district PO Box (although they could if they wanted to) so their home addresses are used.
  • SENY uses both email and postal mail and you may choose either or both. So it is important that the Alternate DCM’s, County Committee Chairs, and County Officers other than the DCMC sign in for voting here in Suffolk, but if they only want to give their email that is fine. I will be entering their data into Airtable, and the next Registrar will be updating when the next rotation’s Committee Chairs rotate in. Why don’t we give that to GSO? It’s in the Service manual for a full explanation. Basically, the County Chairs and County Officers (except the DCMC, or the ADCMC in the absence of the DCMC) have no vote at the Area level and are not recorded in GSO. SENY has an extra layer of the county- this is not true in other parts of the country and Canada. Usually District goes right down to Area.I am available for Group inventories and tradition meetings and questions. My email is Thank you for allowing me to be in this role during this exciting transitional time!
  • My email is: and is on our website.
  • I am available for tradition meetings, group inventories, and any registrar questions or help.



Concept IX- Tom B.

  • Good service leaders, together with sound and appropriate methods of choosing them, are at all levels indispensable for our future functioning and safety. The primary world service leadership once exercised by the founders of A.A. must necessarily be assumed by the Trustees of the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Unity Breakfast Chair nomination: Joyce

Vote accepted, Joyce is the new 2017 Unity Breakfast chair.


7th Tradition basket passed

15 Minute District Break


Committee Reports


L.I.S.T.S. Chair- Jim S.-

  • Saturday Oct. 15th event hosted at True North Community Church 10am-4pm
  • If you are interested in speaking at the LISTS event see LISTS chair


Archives-Bob R. –

  • Commitment open if anyone is interested please let chairperson know.


Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)-Howard

Corrections-Howard P.-Report-


Group Conscience- Vacant-NR


Ad Hoc Liability Insurance-Howard P.-NR


LICYPAA Liaison- Mercedes B. absent, Caroline N. gave report – for convention details. Long Island Young People Hosting their convention Oct. 28th thru 30th at Hauppauge Hyatt. Registrar at


Literature-Chris C. – NR


GrapeVine- Chrissy – NR


Suffolk Intergroup Association (SIA) Liaison- Eddie W.-

  • Trying to set up online speaker exchange, looking for people with computer knowledge
  • Monday Sept 19th 7:00pm and Saturday Sept 24th at 10am meetings held at SIA about online speaker exchange, all welcome to attend
  • New meeting lists came out in July, group updates are coming up for October. Mail them in or do them online.
  • Fishing trip tomorrow Sept 17th at Captree
  • Update your group information using form that is on SIA website


Big Meeting- Richie N

  • Theme: Steps, Traditions and Concepts are Our Way of Life.
  • Date: Saturday October 8th Holbrook-Greenbelt Rec Center Greenbelt Pkwy and Patchogue Holbrook Rd. Time: 4:00-8:00 PM. Food: Pizza, salad, and soda. Set up at 3:00PM.
  • Oct 2nd 7PM at SIA office there will be a meeting to finalize all ideas for Big Meeting. All are welcome.
  • See Flyer for more information
  • All are suggested to come and join committee


Bob – Alanon Liaison


Web Committee- Dave G.- NR


Public Information (PI)-Jim-NR


Service Participation-Richie N.-NR


Treatment Facilities (Bridging the Gap)- Rich F.- NR


Service Sponsorship-VACANT-NR-Please contact Geoff (DCMC) if you or someone you know wishes to help to fill this commitment.


Special Needs-Josh P_NR-




Old Business


New Business

  • DCMC confirmed that the November SENY Assembly meeting has not been finalized to meet at True North yet but he is 99% sure that it will be able to be held there, and has been in contact with True North. DCMC confirmed that he has a backup plan in case True North Community Church didn’t work out. Discussion.
  • Date of Unity Breakfast will either be the first or second weekend of March.


Motion to close

  • Meeting closed at 9:53 p.m. with a moment of silence followed by the Lord’s Prayer.