January 2017 GSR Mtg Minutes

Minutes of Suffolk General Service Meeting
Meeting Date: January 20, 2017
• Meeting Opened at 8:00 pm
• Moment of silence followed by the Responsibility Declaration
• Voting procedures explained
• Minutes from last month: Vote to accept: 52 In-Fav/0 Opposed/1 Abs. Motion Passed
• Traditions read by Chris, Smithtown Serenity
• A.A. Anniversaries acknowledged
• Introduction of new GSR’s (50), Alt-GSR (8), DCM’s (6), Alt-DMC (2), Officers (4), Secretary (1), Committee Chairs (1)
• Greeters for February: Melissa and Tommy
• Read Traditions: Lonny
• Concept II for February: Jarrett
Concept I- Melissa – Spring Street: Port Jeff
Final responsibility and ultimate authority for A.A. world services should always reside in the collective conscience of our whole Fellowship.
DCMC Report -Tom B. – dcmc@aasuffolkgs-ny.org
• Will make effort to get to each of groups in Suffolk County.
Alternate DCMC Report – Jim S – alt-dcmc@aasuffolkgs-ny.org
• Changing time for Orientation to 7 pm instead of 7:30.
• Assembly: Nassau County – Exit 49 – Doesn’t’ feel there the need for car pool. If someone is looking for carpool, let him know
• No February Area Committee Meeting. Next meeting: March 6th.
• Calendar: Reminded people to make note of dates. Asking Reps to plan for attendance.
Treasurer- Christine C:
• Motion to accept Treasurers Report
• Discussion on 2016 – Overage stated
• It was pointed out that we are over Reserves by $6,823.16. Further discussion to follow on this in upcoming months
• Vote to accept: 64 For/0 Opposed/1 Abstention – Motion passed
Registrar/Corresponding Secretary- Michele E. registrar@aasuffolkgs-ny.org
• Present: 50 GSR’s; 8 Alts; 6 DCM; 2 Alt DCM; 1 committee member chair; 4 officers
• Asked Reps to sign up and update their commitments designations if applicable.
7th tradition basket passed
2017 Budget – Christine C.:
• Review of Budget
• Motion to accept & Seconded
• Discussion:
o Convention-Info on Busing-Waiting approval of budget
o 10% increase
o Service Participation Increase: Due to 2nd person. 2016 only 1 person was using it.
o Rob requesting Amendment: Service Sponsorship: $200 Added for brochures and such. Tabled for next month’s meeting.
• Vote to accept: 72 For/0 Opposed/0 Abs. Motion passed.
New Venue:
• Need Committee of 5: 1 from each area to review & discuss: Steve, Sag Harbor; Lonny, Huntington/Melville; Eddie Northport; Jon, Selden. No Rep from South now.
• Currently Paid through June. Current Rent $900/year.
• Must be Handicap acceptable.
• Question on Insurance Coverage. Jim H from St. James Group can be contacted on that.
• Tom B. will be giving time each month for GSR Concerns: Time will be allotted each month for GSR’s to bring concerns to the group.
• Tom B. announced we will be having Monthly Speakers on AA Topics here at GSR in coming months
• Jim S Proposed: 2nd Annual Birthday Brunch – June 11, 2017. Brunch Polish Hall in Riverhead. 300 attendees to celebrate AA’s Anniversary. $1,000 already donated from last year’s event. $20/pp.
o Discussion on bringing it back to groups.
o It was brought up Spanish puts on a Founder’s Day event. Will be reviewed.
o Tabled
Accessibilities – Alexa Z – specialneeds@aasuffolkgs-ny.org – NR
Al-anon Liaison – Bob – NR
Archives – Vacant – NR
• Commitment open if anyone is interested please let chairperson know.
Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) – Nancy B – NR
Corrections – Howard P.- corrections@aasuffolkgs-ny.org – NR
Grapevine – Chrissy – NR
Group Conscience – Vacant – NR
• Commitment open if anyone is interested please let chairperson know.
Liability Insurance (Ad Hoc) – Howard P.- NR
LICYPAA Liaison – Mercedes B. – NR
LISTS – Vacant – NR
• Commitment open if anyone is interested please let chairperson know.
Literature – Doug – NR
Public Information (PI) – Vacant – NR – PI@aasuffolkgs-ny.org – NR
• Commitment open if anyone is interested please let chairperson know.
Service Participation – Jim S. – NR –
Service Sponsorship Rob M. –
• If you are interested in being a Service Sponsor or need one, let him know.
• Showed the Service Sponsorship booklet.
Spanish Liaison – Tommy C.- NR
Suffolk Intergroup Association (SIA) Liaison – Jarrett D – NR
Treatment Facilities (Bridging the Gap) – Rich F.- NR
Unity Breakfast – Joyce S .-
• March 5, 2017 at East Wind
• Tickets Available: $28. 1,200 tickets available
• Group Checks until January 20 (tonight) & Cash moving forward. No personal checks
• Also, available online: www.unitybreakfast2017.brownpapertickets.com
• Sales are starting to pick. Now,1/3 tickets are out to groups for sale.
• Looking for volunteers. Please contact Joyce.
• 2 Speakers: AA and Ala-non
Web Committee – Dave G.- web@aasuffolkgs-ny.org
• Asked that all Chairs use AA web email addresses – not personal addresses.
Motion to close
• Request for help with Clean up
• Meeting closed at 9:29 p.m. with a moment of silence followed by the Lord’s Prayer.