February 2017 GSR Mtg Minutes

Minutes of Suffolk General Service Meeting

Meeting Date: February


  • Meeting Opened at 8:00 pm
  • Moment of silence followed by the Responsibility Declaration
  • Voting procedures explained
  • Minutes from last month: Vote to accept: 42 In-Fav/0 Oppose/ 4 Abs. Motion Passed
  • Traditions: Lonny from the Sweet Air Group in Melville
  • Introduction of new GSR’s (8), Alt-GSR (0), DCM’s (1), Alt-DMC (0), Officers (0), Secretary (0), Committee Chairs (0)
  • A. Anniversaries acknowledged
  • Introduction of Nassau DCM and Alternate visiting: Regina & Linda
  • Greeters for March: Liz & Lou
  • Read Traditions: Jay
  • Concept III for March: Lonny

Concept II – Jarrett from Centereach Group

The General Service Conference of A.A. has become, for nearly every practical purpose, the active voice and the effective conscience

of our whole society in its world affairs


DCMC Report –Tom B. dcmc@aasuffolkgs-ny.org

Alternate DCMC Report – Jim S – alt-dcmc@aasuffolkgs-ny.org

  • Gave Report on First SENY Assembly of 2017
  • Asked that All DCM’s and Alternates text him their name and District Numbers

Treasurer- Christine C:

  • Reviewed report
  • Motion to accept Treasurers Report
  • Vote to accept:  For 60/0 Opposed/1 Abstention – Motion passed

Registrar/Corresponding Secretary- Michele E. registrar@aasuffolkgs-ny.org

  • Present: 39 GSR’s; 3 Alts; 4 DCM; 1 Alt DCM; 4 officers; 1 Rec. Sec.; 1 Off Mgr.
  • Removed request for personal email per requests received

Beyond SGS – Tommy M, Alternate Chair: Suffolk County Intergroup (SIA)

  • Gave Explanation of some of the services:
    • Phones, Archives, BB of signatures of members with 30 years or over, Committees for Corrections and Treatments Centers, Literature, Share-a-thon, Big Meeting,
    • Online Speaker Exchange – 250 commitments: won’t take away from the “In-Person” Speaker Exchange
    • Each Group has its own Email Address. If your group wants their email address, please contact SIA Webmaster through their website.
    • Wants more interaction between SIA and GSO

7th tradition basket passed

New Venue (Ad Hoc):

  • Need Committee of 5: 1 from each area to review & discuss: Steve, Sag Harbor; Lonny, Huntington/Melville; Eddie Northport; Jon, Selden. No Rep from South now.
  • Need more people to join the group

GSR Forum –

  • This is a new agenda item. GSR’s are invited to bring any challenges or solutions that they would like to bring to the group.  Microphone is opened for any representatives to share.
  • Chris – Wanted to know about an “Open Meeting”. Could non-alcoholics join as group members if it is an “Open Meeting”.  It was explained that “Open Meetings” are for professionals to come to a meeting for learning purposes.  It should be made clear at the start of the meeting that it is “open” so attendees understand it is not “confidential” or “anonymous”.
  • Group member reading “non AA” approved literature. This comes down to Group Conscious.

Birthday Brunch – Jim S

  • Report presented.
  • Motion to have Birthday Brunch every year on/around June 10th (Founder’s Day) each year with the first one happening 6/11/2017. Seconded
  • Discussion on Funds. Funds cannot be “earmarked” from previous events.
  • Vote: For/54 Opposed/4 Abstention/4
  • Discussions from Opposed – No vote changes – Motion Carries


Service Sponsorship –  Discussion on adding $200 Budget Item for this committee

  • Motion and Seconded
  • Vote: For/60 Opposed/0 Abstentions/1 – Motion Carries

Joy of Service Workshop

  • May 20 – Sponsored by SENY
  • Melissa from Port Jefferson Group agreed to Chair


Accessibilities – Alexa Z – specialneeds@aasuffolkgs-ny.org –  NR

Al-anon Liaison – Bob – NR

Archives – Vacant – NR

* Commitment open if anyone is interested please let chairperson know.

Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) – Nancy B – NR

Corrections – Howard P.- corrections@aasuffolkgs-ny.org – NR

Grapevine – Chrissy  NR

Group Conscience –  Vacant – NR

Commitment open if anyone is interested please let chairperson know.

Liability Insurance (Ad Hoc) – Howard P.- NR

LICYPAA Liaison – Mercedes B. – NR

LISTS – Vacant – NR

  • Commitment open if anyone is interested please let chairperson know.


Literature – Doug – NR

Public Information (PI) –  Vacant –   NR – PI@aasuffolkgs-ny.org  – NR

  • Commitment open if anyone is interested please let chairperson know.

Service Participation – Jim S. – NR –

Service Sponsorship Rob M. –

  • Suggested Service Sponsors should be from other County
  • Will be having a Service Sponsorship Meeting again next month at 7 pm prior to the GSR meeting.

Spanish Liaison – Tommy C.- NR

Suffolk Intergroup Association (SIA) Liaison – Jarrett D –  NR

Treatment Facilities (Bridging the Gap) – Rich F.- NR

Unity Breakfast – Kathie .-

  • March 5, 2017 at East Wind
  • Still has tickets available-Online tickets will be shut down – most likely some time next week

Web Committee – Dave G.- web@aasuffolkgs-ny.org

  • John from Serenity gave the report.
  • Committee is growing – 6 Members tonight
  • 500 Visitors every month
  • Looking into bringing capabilities to sign up for Suffolk informational updates.

Motion to close

  • Request for help with Clean up
  • Meeting closed at 9:29 p.m.