Download PDF: Draft August 2017 GSR Mtg Minutes

Minutes of Suffolk General Service Meeting

Meeting Date: August 18, 2017


Meeting Opened at 8:00 pm

  • Minutes from last month: Accepted
  • Introduction of New GSRs (3), Alt-GSR (2), DCMs(0), Alt-DMC (0), Officers (0), Secretary (0), Committee Chairs (0)
  • A.A. Anniversaries acknowledged: 7
  • August: Greeters: Jeannie & Betty
  • August: Reading of Traditions: Matt
  • August: Review of Concept IX: Tom to secure speaker
  • 7th Tradition Basket Passed – 7th Tradition Long Form Read
  • Traditions Read by Anonymous


A question was raised about quorum, which would be the minimum number of Officers, GSRs and other voting members of the body required to conduct the business of Suffolk General Service. We don’t have a quorum defined in our group conscience or by-laws.

Concept VIII – John J

Concept VIII defines the role of the General Service Board. Its two major responsibilities are 1) to plan and administer the actions that come out of the General Service Conference and 2) act as the holding company for AA World Services and AA Grapevine. It is a legal entity that implements the conscience of AA as a whole as defined by the Conference. The General Service Board takes a broader strategic view, leaving the ‘small stuff’ to its two operating units.

TreasurerChristine C.

  • Reviewed report
  • Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report – (40) In favor; (0) Opposed; (2) Abstentions; Motion carried.


DCMC Report –Tom

  • John J is now Web Chair.
  • Because of the topic (money), old business will be governed by strict, timed limits tonight.
  • See Notes from your DCMC on the back of your Agenda
  • Available to come to Groups to discuss The Traditions. Please speak with Tom if your group is interested.

Alternate DCMC Report – Jim S (631) 740-4126 –

  • It looks like AA will be able to hold literature prices at their current levels based on group contributions. SENY contributions meet 83% of the annual cost to support a member ($7.27).
  • AA is litigating to take possession of the original manuscript of the Big Book which was to have been auctioned off by its current holder. AA believes it is the rightful owner.
  • Proposes that the Service Participation Committee meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at the SIA Office, 7pm, beginning September 13th. All committee chairs, DCMs and interested GSRs are encouraged to attend.

Registrar/Corresponding Secretary- Michele E.

  • Present: 40 – GSR’s; 6 – Alt GSR’s; 7 – DCM; 3 – Alt DCM; 4 – Officers; 3 – Guests; 3 – Committee Chairs


Budget Overage of about $4000 per the Treasurer after committing to budget adjustments ($2720) and increasing the prudent reserve ($680) to cover the adjustments.

  • Tabled motion to hold 3 events with a budget of $1200 each on the Three Legacies brought back on the floor.
  • Friendly amendment to hold only 1 event this year and ‘see how it goes’ proposed and accepted by motion maker.
  • Discuss and vote: (37) Favor; (19) Oppose; (4) Abstain: Motion fails. Not significant majority (two thirds).
  • Minority Opinion expressed. Motion to reconsider: Vote: Motion carried.
  • Vote: (40) Favor; (19) Oppose; 2 Abstain: Motion carried.

Safe Place to Share Workshop: Chris D to report at August meeting (btw it was a great success).


  • Motion: Distribute excess funds per the pie chart. Seconded.
  • Discussion. Noted: Historically, funds collected by Suffolk General Service are used by Suffolk General Service for activities in Suffolk County.
  • Point of Order: Motion is invalid; it doesn’t specify a dollar amount.
  • Friendly amendment of motion to add $2000 as the dollar amount accepted by motion maker. Seconded.
  • Motion to postpone further discussion and vote to September: Motion carried.


Accessibilities Vacant – No Report

Al-anon Liaison – Bob – No Report

Archives – Vacant – No Report

Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)–Nancy B- No Report

Corrections – Howard P. – corrections@aasuffolkgs-ny.orgNo Report

  • Needed – Pre-Release Commitment – Volunteers to help people being released from a correctional facilities to their first meeting.
  • Needed – Correspondence Volunteers – Pen Pals for people in correctional facilities – Volunteer form on SENY Website

Grapevine – ChrissyNo Report

Group Conscience – Tom B – No Report

Hispanic Liaison – Tom B – No Report

LICYPAA Liaison – Kellylicypaa@aasuffolkgs-ny.orgNo Report

LISTS– Eddie – No Report

Literature – Doug – No Report

Public Information (PI) – Penny W – – No Report

Service Participation – Jim S:

  • Committee to meet at the SIA Office at 7pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month beginning September 13th.

Service Sponsorship Rob M –

  • Feel free to contact him with any questions about service or service sponsorship.

Suffolk Intergroup Association (SIA) Liaison– Jarrett D – No Report

Treatment Facilities Brian – No Report

Unity Breakfast 2018 – Jeb C – Flyer is available. Meeting place obtained. First meeting scheduled for August 24th.

Web Committee- John J –

  • Apologies for the multiple email reminders for this meeting.

Motion to close

  • Request for help with Clean-up – 25 Volunteers
  • Meeting closed at 9:37 p.m. with a moment of silence followed Declaration of Unity