Our Delegate, Jane E., has selected 7 Questions from the General Service Conference’s full agenda. These items are ones she most wants our Area’s conscience on.  Please note that the submission deadline has been extended to May 10, 2020.

What should the GSR do next?

You are encouraged to go to your groups as soon as possible to ask them to schedule a group conscience on the Delegate’s Questionnaire — keeping the May 10th deadline in mind. Your group may want to call a special business meeting or set aside time at a regularly scheduled business meeting. Your group may want to schedule an online meeting or conference call.  Many GSR’s find that if they send/give the questionnaire & the information below to people ahead of time, the meeting about the questionnaire is better, because group members are informed.

Where can I get background info on the questions?

Here’s a link to the slides that were presented at the Delegate’s Day of Sharing on March 7th:

What if I think my group won’t want to take up all 7 questions?

As GSR, you have the right-of-decision to select as many of the 7 questions that you think your group will want to discuss. Advising them of your decision and why is encouraged and usually appreciated.

What if my group doesn’t want to deal with the Delegate’s Questionnaire at all?

Maybe explain a bit more about the importance of the group conscience in A.A. Maybe tell them that the group’s voice is worth being heard! That said, your group has the right not to discuss Questionnaire at all.


The Delegate uses questionnaires to gauge the conscience of Area 49 groups. There are four ways to get your questionnaire to the Delegate:

  • – Complete the questionnaire ONLINE (preferred method),
  • –  Fill out the questionnaire, scan and attach in an email, and send to:,
  • – Mail the questionnaire: attn: Jane E., SENY Delegate, PO Box 571, New York, NY 10116,
  • Bring the questionnaire to the PRE-CONFERENCE ASSEMBLY on April 4th and drop it in the box.

Your DCMs and County Officers are available to help you facilitate this process. Don’t hesitate to contact them.