April 2021 SGS Mtg Minutes

May 2021 Reports

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Suffolk General Service is currently unable to meet in person.  Below are reports from your officers and committee chairs.

Please update your Zoom client before the assembly so you will have access to all the features we will be using in our assemblies.

April Agenda and DCMC Notes: Agenda May 2021

Treasurer’s Report: 2021 Treasury Report- April

Alt-DCMC Report:  pending

Public Information Report: PImay2021

SIA Liaison Report: SIA liaison Report 4_16_21

CPC Report and MotionCPC report and motion May 2021

SENY Treatment Facilities Committee: pending

Tech Chair Report: 2021-05 Technology Chair Report

SGS Group Conscience: Suffolk General Services Group Conscience 4 14 21

Volunteering to visit silent groups: Please fill out this form if you are able to visit a silent group (a group not represented at the SGS meeting by a general service representative). I will provide you with what to say when you visit these groups.

From the 70th General Service Conference 2020: RIPTAB – BIG BOOK PRESENTATION   p/w: RIPTAB2020

71st General Service Agenda


For Anyone New Coming to A.A.

For Anyone Referring People to A.A.

District Map:  click here for a district map and town by town listing.  You can also find your group’s District Number and other info such as GSO /Netsuite # on the SENY website.

More GSR Info:

7th Tradition: click here to make a contribution. See this FAQ from the AA General Service Office on practicing the 7th Tradition at virtual meetings.

Suffolk County Articles of Association

Zoom Participants Guide: SGS_Zoom-Participants-Guide_042120