Suffolk General Service is now meeting hybrid – at Emanuel Lutheran church, 179 East Main Street, Patchogue, NY – and on Zoom.  If you will be attending on Zoom, please update your Zoom client before the assembly, so you will have access to all the features we will be using in our assemblies.   Below are reports from your officers and committee chairs.

Minutes from Last Month 

April 15 22 SGS Meeting Minutes


May 2022 Reports

Agenda and DCMC Notes: 

may 20 22 sgs agenda

Bus Schedule for 6_4_22 Assembly


Treasurer’s Report:

2022 Treasury Report-April

A separate post office box for AAGSB Seventh Tradition contributions-ENG


SIA Liaison Report:

SIA Liaison- May-2022


Grapevine: Have you Heard!!!!!!!!! 

Please help me stay sober by having me attend your meeting to help pass along the greatest AA magazines and books ever written! I’m Kevin, your SIA Grapevine chairperson, and I will come to your group and set up a display that you and your group members can browse.  Email me at Thank you for allowing me to serve!


Public Information Report:

PI May 22


SGS Literature: 



SENY Treatment Facilities Committee:



Helpful Links

Alphabet Soup:

Helpful Acronyms From the SENY Service Handbook



Suffolk General Service Beginner’s Packet

P-91 – Experience Has Taught Us: An Introduction to our Twelve Traditions

P-90 – Hispanic Women in AA Experience, Strength and Hope

Safety and A.A. Flyer F-228

Faith Leaders Ask About Alcoholics Anonymous

Read News and Notes from the General Service Office of A.A. ® at box459_fall21


Revised and reformatted Conference-approved A.A. Service Manual, now available in PDF

The A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Service 2021 – 2023


SGS Group Conscience:

Suffolk General Services Group Conscience 6 15 21


Volunteering to visit silent groups:

Please fill out this form if you are able to visit a silent group (a group not represented at the SGS meeting by a general service representative). I will provide you with what to say when you visit these groups.


From the 70th General Service Conference 2020:


For Anyone New Coming to A.A.

For Anyone Referring People to A.A.


About Service Sponsorship:


District Map:

Click here for a district map and town by town listing.  You can also find your group’s District Number and other info such as GSO /Netsuite # on the SENY website.


GSR Info:


7th Tradition:

click here to make a contribution. See this FAQ from the AA General Service Office on practicing the 7th Tradition at virtual meetings.

Suffolk County Articles of Association


Zoom Participants Guide: