Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Online eTickets


  • 1) Is the online eTicket purchase process safe?
    a. Yes. Our payment processor (Stripe) meets all Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards for accepting credit cards on a website. Your payment is secure, and no personal/confidential information (for example your credit card number) is stored on the Suffolk General Service website.
  • 2) What credit cards do you accept for payment?
    a. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club.
  • 3) Can I purchase more than 1 eTicket at a time?
    a. Yes. You will be asked to provide the first name and last initial for each attendee. If you don’t have the specific attendee names, enter in any information that will uniquely identify the ticket.  Suggestion: you can input your group name in the first name field, and ticket # (for example ticket 1, 2, 3…) in the last name field, or simply enter your name for all attendees.
  • 4) How do I get the eTicket(s)?
    a. Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email from with a link to your ticket(s).  Click on the download link to view/print or save each ticket.  Provide each attendee with their individual ticket.
  • 5) What format are the eTickets in? 
    a. Tickets are in standard PDF format (Portable Document Format).  Most modern browsers are capable of opening and viewing PDF files, but if you have difficulties please see this geeky article or click here to get instructions on downloading a viewer.
  • 6) Do I need to present a ticket for admission to the Event?
    a. Yes. Every attendee must present their unique ticket for admission to the event.
  • 7) I don’t have a printer. Can I show the eTicket on my phone?
    a. You can, but the check in process will be smoother if you have it printed and ready for scanning. Each ticket will be scanned for entry into the event.
  • 8) What will you use my email address for?
    a. To send you a link to your ticket, to send you a receipt for your purchase, and to communicate any details on the check-in process for online tickets.
  • 9) What if I delete the email that contains the link to my tickets?
    a. Send an email to and we will resend you the ticket link.
  • 10) I am having problems purchasing or viewing eTickets, how do I get help? 
    a. If you  have additional questions, or need help with an online eTicket order, please send an email to or to  Someone will get back to you as soon as possible!