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Our Vision For every newcomer to meet a sober alcoholic at a meeting in their hometown after they leave a detox, rehab, or sober house.

Part of “Bridging the Gap” between a treatment program and A.A. is the Temporary Contact Program, which is designed to help the alcoholic in an alcoholism treatment program make that transition. In order to bridge the gap, A.A. members have volunteered to be temporary contacts and introduce newcomers to Alcoholics Anonymous.


Contact Information:


Click the link to watch this AA video about hope: Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous


For Those Looking For Help:

Are you are leaving a detox, rehab or sober house and would like to have another alcoholic meet you at a local AA meeting?  Click here to fill out a simple contact form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Suffolk County’s Temporary Contact Program is there for you!



For Those Who Want To Help Others:

If you are an AA member and interested in becoming a “Gapper” and/or a Treatment Committee member please fill out this position request form.

Click here to contact the Treatment Committee Chairperson via email if you have any questions on becoming a “Gapper” or a committee member.  The committee meets monthly via conference call.  Additional program information is listed below.



For All AA’s:

Click here to access a page with additional Treatment Committee and Bridging The Gap related information and resources.  This page contains links to AA videos and literature.

Also available is a printable version of the “Bridging The Gap” Flyer for your home group and a suggested AA announcement for group members.

Refer to this suggested “Bridging the Gap” program announcement when speaking at a treatment facility.



Committee Meetings (monthly conference call)

The Treatment Committee meets via conference call on the last Wednesday of every month at 9:00 PM.  To participate in the call please email treatment@aasuffolkgs-ny.org.