1. The use of newer web technology and multimedia devices will only be permitted provided they do not divert us from our primary purpose. Functionality of the web site takes precedence over the visual effect of the website.

2. The S.G.S. Website will only use first names and last initials to identify people. The use of an “identifier” such as “James the Plumber” will be prohibited. In addition, phone numbers and personal email addresses are prohibited. The S.G.S. website email addresses will be used to contact S.G.S. officers, chairpersons, and DCMs.

3. The S.G.S. Website will post a disclaimer which indicates that the website is neither endorsed nor approved by A.A. World Services Inc. or any other A.A. Entity.

4. The S.G.S. Website shall maintain external links to the following: A.A. World Services, A.A. Grapevine, S.E.N.Y., and Suffolk Intergroup Association.

5. The S.G.S. Website shall include a disclaimer break before linking to any external web page.

6. The S.G.S. Website will be reviewed as part of the S.G.S. County Inventory every two years.

7. Oversight of the S.G.S. Website shall be the responsiblity of the Suffolk County General Service acting through the S.G.S. Website Committee.