COVID-19 Advisories and General Information



Your officers and committee chairs are dedicated to keeping the Suffolk County General Service (SGS) website up to date with the latest information regarding AA events, meetings, and online resources available to our members.  This is rapidly evolving situation, and we will provide updated information as soon as it becomes available. 



Meeting Information

  • Suffolk Intergroup Association (SIA) maintains a list of meetings that are re-opened – click here  to view the list now.  General info on meeting re-opening is available on this page.
  • – Visit the AA Online Intergroup here for a list of online worldwide AA meetings.
  • –  Online meetings are held every day at various times, starting at 6 am and continuing into the evening.  SIA is listing  online meetings that have been implemented by individual groups in Suffolk County – click here to view the schedule and instructions on how to participate!

Event Information

  • – SENY 2021 Convention will be held online – click here for details. 
  • Suffolk county’s 2021 Unity Breakfast will be held online this year.

AA World Services  (AAWS) Advisories and Announcements

  • The General Service Office is closed effective March 20th until further notice.
  • The Alcoholics Anonymous Message Carries On Amid Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • View this newly created AA video on  Covid-19 and our 7th Tradition.
  • – Two announcements from the General Service Office regarding our 7th Tradition and  a draw down of AA’s prudent reserve can be found on our Area Delegate’s web page.
  • – FAQ on practicing the 7th Tradition:
  • – The 2020 International Convention has been cancelled.  Visit the AA website for details on  obtaining refunds.
  • – Access is now being offered free of charge to 2020 issues of  the  AA Grapevine – click here.
  • – The General Service Office (GSO) has a launched an advisory page on the AA website with information on their response to the COVID-19 situation. 
  •  – Press release  on AA groups using digital platforms:  “Virtual Meetings, Email, Phone, Social Media Allow Message of Recovery to Carry On — ONE DAY AT A TIME”.

General Information

All links provided below are for informational purposes only, and does not imply endorsement by either AA World Services, the General Service Office or Suffolk County General Service.