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Please note this AA literature is for informational purposes only. Not everything written in this literature pertains to everyone all the time. Please take what you want and leave the rest. If you have any questions about the literature or anything else, please choose one of the contacts listed on the main treatment page and someone will get back to you.

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Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous


AA Literature – accessed via aa.org

This is A.A.  Introductory pamphlet describing the kind of people A.A.s are and what A.A.s have learned about alcoholism. For anyone who thinks he or she may have a problem with alcohol.




Is A.A. For You?  Symptoms of alcoholism are summed up in 12 questions most A.A.s had to answer to identify themselves as alcoholics.


Where Do I Go from Here? For people leaving treatment facilities, single-sheet flyer tells of continuing help offered by “outside” A.A.s.


Newcomer Asks Gives straightforward, brief answers on 15 points that once puzzled many of us.


A.A. Group Informal guide tells how a group works most effectively, how a new group can be started, and how each group can be linked to A.A.as a whole.


A Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous

The Pamphlet describes our program and offers general information on A.A.


Questions and Answers on Sponsorship Uses shared A.A. experience to answer 34 questions likely to be asked by persons seeking sponsors, persons wanting to be sponsors, and groups planning sponsorship activity.


A.A. in Treatment Settings

Shares experience of treatment facility administrators and of A.A.s who have carried the message into these facilities.


A.A. at a Glance


Alcoholics Anonymous in Your Community


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